The Essential PrepDress - Classic Black

Product: The Essential PrepDress - Classic Black

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Our NEW Classic Black PrepDress is here!

PrepDress is the ultimate post-shower essential! It’s time to stop fumbling with your towel, it’s no use when it falls down, so upgrade your ‘get ready’ routine with PrepDress. Whether you are tanning, blow drying, curling, plucking or pampering, simply step out of the shower and pop on your PrepDress. 

PrepDress is made from 100% cotton lightweight terry towel. Each PrepDress has an elasticated backing with front Velcro closure and features two side pockets to keep your phone or accessories handy. 

Our beautiful Black is back and perfect to get your glow on girls! No make-up or tanning stains on your tees and towels, just pop on your PrepDress and get glowing!

We have you covered at PrepDress!

*Due to the pandemic, fabric supply was limited so this PrepDress does not come in a matching bag lucky we made the PrepDress first!

The Essential PrepDress - Classic Black
The Essential PrepDress - Classic Black

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