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HeadBand - White

Product: HeadBand - White

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The PrepDress Beauty Band is our gorgeous new addition to the PrepDress ‘get ready’ range.  This comfortable and firm Headband will keep your hair securely in place and away from your face  throughout your skin care routine.

Whether you are cleansing & toning, moisturising or masking we promise no whispy hairs will get in the way. The PrepDress Beauty Band is also perfect for tanning and make up application and its super easy to wash.

Made from 100% cotton with elastic that’s firm and reliable plus a strong velcro closure to hold in place.  

Avail in Black, Pink and White you will find a Beauty Band to perfectly match your PrepDress.  Just $12.95 or two for $20 because you will need a spare while one in the wash of course!

HeadBand - White

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