PrepDress was born out of a need for a better way to get ready.

You don't have to put up with your heavy dressing gowns or falling towels any longer! PrepDress will be your new best friend—a cotton towel wrap that don’t fall down!

Meet our Founder

I set out to create an easy way to get ready. Frustrated with my towel always falling down, waiting nude for my tan to dry or blowdrying while covered in a dressing gown just wasn’t easy. I wanted an everyday practical way to stay covered while I went around the house getting ready for the day. 

My goal was to produce an everyday get-ready accessory that was quality, comfortable, durable, affordable and sustainably considered. I wanted to create this product in a range of colours and prints by Australian designers and in a range of sizes—as we are not one size fits all.

It has been a constant and evolving project spanning over 15 years and I have now arrived at my 7th PrepDress season. I always push to make sure with each production I am doing it better and I can confidently say the current range is definitely the best yet!

Hope you love PrepDress too!
Karen ❤️ 💋

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